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I have a beautiful two year old neutered tomcat called Edgar. He is friendly and sociable, but there is one aspect of his behaviour I cannot fathom. Every time he finishes using his litter tray he meows very loudly two or three times. He doesn't sound remotely distressed, but it's very puzzling. Is he simply telling us that he's finished? Why? The tray is changed every couple of days, so it's always perfectly clean.

I wouldn't worry too much about this behavior. it seems that some cats are a little funny after using the litter tray and have different ways showing it. My own cat when finished will run around the house like mad as if she was frightened by the whole experience.

In your case you may just have a very vocal cat that used his voice more than most. Why he should cry after could simply be his way of saying look how good i have been, who knows but thats what i love about cats they all have their own very distinct character.

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