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Cats/cat ear mite rampage


hi.  A year and a half ago, Zany a siamese, joined our household of 4 cats, making it 5.  I brought him from a street pet shop in Cairo, so you can imagine the conditions.  He had ear mites and though I treated him, within a short time the rest of the cats had them too.  I've been treating all cats quarterly for ear mites since them and its back again.  Two of my cats are ex feral and will not permit me to get near their ears anymore.  Its pure torture for them, Im sure.  I'm being optimistic and hoping that possibly their own earwax may develop a natural antidote to the mites.  Do you know of any one drop fix it for good remedy? as the different 10 day drops Ive been using just dont Do the job.  I live in cairo.

my best advice is to ask you to read my web page about ear mites. It will help you to deal with this nasty problem. There is also a product on their that might be helpful.

here is my page

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