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A cat seems to have adopted us even though its 'owner' still wants it. We have tried keeping it out and not feeding it. However, the cat seems quite prepared to stay outside our house all day (and night) if given the chance. What can we do? I believe that the cat prefers the hardship with us than the comfort (?) of its proper home. Is there anything the owners can do about this? Or have we to accept the cat's choice? We are quite prepared to give gthe cat a home if necessary.

your only option is to speak with the owner and tell them that their cat seems to want to come and live with you and would that be ok as you are prepared to take care of them.

I had a similar experience with a cat years ago. For no apparent reason she decided she preferred to live in a home down the road. Although i missed her i was happy that she was happy and the new owners took good care of her and thats what mattered.

If the owners don't want you to do that then all you will have to do is to not feed the cat or let it in your home. If it still wants to sit outside then let it. There is no point trying to disuade it or chase it off. Just treat it like a visiting friend.

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