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My cat Rosie is around 3 years old she was adopted by my boyfriend and I
around two and a half years ago. She has always been fussy about her litter,
for example if it wasn't clean she would poop oneither the bathroom matt or
the couch. But now she is never pooping in her box, she still goes pee in it
and her box is in a secluded closet away from her food. My room-mate for
the past while had been staying at his girlfriends place most of the time but
now that she has moved away he spends all his time here, which is the only
thing that has changed recently but she likes him. Other than her pooping
where she isn't supposed to she's great. I just don't know what to do. I know
her eye bothers her because it is a weepy eye but I don't know if she is upset
that I can't fix that for her. Please help. Thanks.

cats urinating and pooping outside of their litter box is either a sign of stress and upset or illness like urinary infection.

The causes or the stress or upset can be very varied and can take some investigating to find the reason. In cases like this the best thing i say is please read my pages about these problems and see if any of the suggestion match your own cats situation.

these of may pages, i hope they can be of some help.


best wishes


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