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Cats/newly married cat adapting


My 15 year old yellow cat Mo is having a real hard time adapting to the malmute female huskey Gypsey.  He is howelling at night trying to get in cellar to hide.  My 19 year old female seems to be ok, and the dog just wants to inspect them, she is actually fine.  Its been only two weeks, but I feel so bad for my male cat.

some cats react badly to another pet being introduced to the family while other don't. It all depends on how they were socialized during their first 7 weeks of life.

Anyway how you introduce pets to each other is also very important and something which i get asked a lot. So i decided to write a webpage about the subject to help people through the situation.

Although the page is about introducing cats to each other the process is the same for dogs. Here is the page /introducing-cats.html

Hope all settles down soon
best wishes Kate


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