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Cats/1st time cat owner wanting advice on how to stop them going upstairs...


Hi - my husband has always had cats, I've only had expereince of one we rescued when i was 12 in our family porch for 2 weeks, when it had to go to a rescue centre - we couldn't keep it as my dad is very allergic to cats. Since then his allergy is less, but wanting to keep harmony with hubby and my parents - i need to keep the upstairs of our house pet free.

We are going to invest in pet/kiddy gates which we will fit at the bottom of our stairs.
But I am also thinking of having another one at the top of the stairs in case the first one is 'breached'.

However would like some advice.

And also have read 'cat confidential' and would like to know others views on the 2 cats = 2 cat flaps and 2 litter trays (yes you guessed who will be dealing with the 'mess' side of things.

We also are planning on starting our family in 8+ months or so, so woulld like to set things up as best as poss.

I am currently 'between' jobs so hubby would like to get them now so that i can be around to watch them settle in.

Hope you give me any advice.

well it sounds as if you are on top of things any way.

regarding the litter trays etc. where you have more than one cat it is advisable to have two litter trays and two eating bowls (not too close to each other as cats don't like to smell another cats urine etc.

As for the cat flap, as far as I'm concerned only 1 cat flap is needed.

I'm not sure if that answers all your questions or not. i do have a n extensive website of my own which is full of cat advice etc if you need more information. the address is

best wishes kate


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