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Cats/4 yr old cat acting strange


I have 3 cats ages 2-4. They have been with me since they were all 8 weeks old. My male who is 4 yrs old has recently become less active. He seems to keep to himself alone on the bed, when he normally is the 1st in line to play with his laser pointer. He actually will not play anywhere other then on the carpet, when he had always ran all around on any floor surface. He just hasn't been himself, and it gets me worried. He has always meowed at bedtime, I think he likes the attention, but this is something new. He will be 5 in April.

whenever a cats behaviour changes significantly I always recommend that you take the cat to the vets for a check up. Sometimes a change of behaviour can be a signal to some medical condition which may not be apparent to us.

Hopefully he will get a bill of health from the vet but at least you can stop worrying about anything medical. In which case you can just put down his change of behaviour to him calming down as he gets older.

best wishes and a happy New Year



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