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Hi Kate, I have a 2 year old female cat named Rowan. Rowan has only been an only child and is highly protective of me (she will growl or hiss at people who come to the door or touch me). I have thought of bringing another cat into the house for about a year now, but have never really pursued it.

Yesterday, I was at a friends house for a New Year's Eve party and they had a 6month old kitten come to their doorstep last week. It was practicaly starving when it got there, so my friends fed it and it pretty much stayed on their portch. It did have a few run-ins with some feral neighborhood cats that were broken up by my friends. The stray is a Persian/Tabby mix and is absolutely beautiful and a very loving girl.

I took her home today (she's been here about 4 hours) after getting her scanned for a microchip (she doesn't have one) and flea treatment. She is locked in my bathroom right now with her food, litter box, toys and some towels to lay on. I was in petting her and opened the door to leave and Rowan was standing outside the door and the two stared at each other and Rowan kind of growled at her. I have also taken the new kitty in her pet carrier out into the living room about 6 feet from Rowan and Rowan again began to growl. Rowan is also growling and attacking ME! I understand her growling at the new cat, but should I be more concerned that she's coming after me as well? Should I take it as a sign that she is unwilling for me to take in another cat? Also, I really do not want to leave the new kitty locked up in the bathroom for a week while Rowan gets used to her, but I've read that the resident cat's routines should not be disturbed. I live in a one-bedroom apartment, so space is limited.  Thank you so much for your time!

no you are doing the right thing in keeping them separate. in fact introducing cats to each other can be a slow and time consuming process but it is worth it in the long run. please see my web page about cat introductions here

as for you cat growling, at both you and the kitten, this is completely normal, after all her territory has a new smell and rival cat in it, she may also be feeling a little insecure and so the growling is her way of keeping herself calm and also letting you know that she is a little weary of the new visitor. this is normal and it may take some time for your cat to get used to the kitten but it will happen, even if they chose never to be great friends, cats can and will often tolerate other cats around (as long as there are not oo many).

Please read my page and perhaps check out some of my other pages about cat behaviour which will give you some info on cat behaviour which can seem quite aggressive or strange to us.

Best wishes Kate


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