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Please help!
I adopted a cat 6 years ago from a cat shelter and they told us then she was 9years old, so that would make her 15 now. The trouble is she never sleeps and never has done since we've had her and she talks all the time, very loudly! I dont know what to do with her any more as she is quite a house cat, but does like to go out in the garden, but always makes a lot of noise when we put her out, not necessarily because she wants to come back in, she just trots around the garden talking loudly to herself. At night we keep her in as its cold and so she doesnt keep the neighbours awake, but she miaows loudly during the night and wakes us up. She's really starting to cause my husband and I a lot of stress as she never settles during the evening when we're tryin to relax, even if she's on our lap she'll sit and move around and want constant stroking rather than taking a nap at all. Usually she just marches up and down the living room, in and out, wants to go out, wants to come straight back in etc etc, never settles down. Then at night as I said she'll cry very loudly. I dont know what to do, ive brought her toys but she just ignores them, ive brought expensive orthopedic and heated beds but she tends to just sit on the chair. Ive played the radio for her but that does nothing. She doesnt get on with other cats as i did think maybe another cat would help but i doubt she would take to them, especcially now at her age. We think she may be going a little deaf now so seems to be getting louder. I just feel that, as she never sleeps, she must be really bored and lonely all the time, but i dont know how to help. She doesnt like children at all and always runs away if one comes round (we dont have any children of our own yet, but this could change soon and if i does i do worry how she will be).
Do you have any ideas as to what i can do to help? I tried some natural remedy calming tablets but they stank horrid so she wouldnt touch her food, so that was a waste of time and money also! She is a loving cat who loves it when people come round so she can have a fuss but she just seems on edge all the time, as if she cannot relax which is why she never sleeps?
Please help, its reaching critical stage now as i just dont know what to do to get a good nights sleep and make her a happy cat!

oh dear what a problem. if this was a younger cat I would say that changing her ways would be possible but with a cat so old and as you say possibly going a little deaf habits and routines are firmly in place and may be impossible to alter completely.

To me it sounds very unusual for you to say that she never settles down much even when you first got her. This is very unusual for cats as you know they are famous for sleeping upto 16 hours a day, thats what they do best.

All I can imagine is that she is a very nerotic cat that needs constant attention. This is something which is never very good for either owners or cat. Unfortunately i am not sure that her age you will be able to do much to change it.

The loud constant moewing is very common in older cats anyway as they may stsrt to suffer from mental illness or loss their sight/hearing so the meowing is a sort of calling for you to come to them and also is a way to calm themselves down a little, This could explain the meowing outside.

Unfortunately you will have to be very firm and secure her in a sepaerate room at night to try and prevent your sleep loss. Feed her just before bedtime as well. Perhaps leave a low light on for her and even the radio playing (if you think she can hear it).

Apaprt from that unfortunately you may just have to except that this is the behavior of an old cat and like old humans do get some very strange behaviors.

I have written a web page about older cats here /senior-cat.html for more information

best wishes Kate


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