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Cats/cat poops on my bed!


I have had my cat for 3 and a half years. I adopted him when he was a kitten, and he has been in my home for most of his life. I moved away to go to college 3 years ago. In the past year or so, whenever i come home for the weekend, my cat poops on my bed. Once, when my baby nephew was in town, he even pee-ed on his pack-n-play(where he sleeps), and on the bed in the same room. While i am at home, he poops on my bed once a day. His litter box is in my room, as well as his food and water, but it always has been (there has been no change in location at all). Why is he doing this? How can I stop it?

this is a difficult one to answer but is quite a common problem. Basically cats don't deal with change that well. It makes them feel unsettled in their own home and your coming and going or even the arrival of new people in the home can make them feel stressed and unsettled. To combat this they use their own urine etc to re scent the home to make it smell more like them and so calms them down.

The trouble is you can't stop these comings and goings, so the thing to try and do is when things change like this to confine them to one room with their litter tray for the first day or so. this gives them time to feel secure in a smaller area and to get used to the new smells again. While they are in this one room it is important to give them lots of things to do and play with and for you to visit them in their and transfer your smell to the cat.

I hope you can find a happy compromise that will help make your cat feel secure during these times of change.

best wishes Kate


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