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Hi, i hope you can help. I love my cat dearly his name is loki but i call him fuzzy butt, i believe hes a norwegn forest cat.his fur is over 2 1/2 in long and the hair on his tail is over 5 in wide. but my husband and i are at our wits end with him. i dont want to give him up, but my husband says if we cant get him to stop peeing everywhere we may have to give him up. hes about 1 1/2 years old.ive had hime for a little more then a year.heres what happened. i never had a problem with his litterbox habits. then about 4 months ago my brother and his family came to stay with us,they had the brother to my cat, but he ran away shortly befor the came to stay. though my sister in law said that she was having a problem where every time she left the laundry on the floor her cat would pee on it. well when they came to stay with us my cat started to pee on everything they had here. now i figured that he was covering any sent they brought with him of the other cat. but after they left he continued to pee everywhere and stopped peeing in his litterbox altogether.ive tried cat urin cleaners but that hasnt stopped him. is there anything you could suggest that may help me keep my lil fuzzy butt. thank you,grace
p.s. hes going to be nutered next month.

well firstly can I say that this sort of behaviour is more common with un neutered males as scent marking is very important to them and is used to attract females. If this is the main reason why he is doing this then it will be difficult to get him to stop until he is neutered.

The other option you can try but may work better after he is neutered is a period of confinement with his litter tray. this has the purpose of re introducing him to his litter tray but also allows his to relax a little as he only has to worry about a smaller area than normal.

for the full explanation of this see the bottom of this page /cat-litter-box.html

best wishes kate


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