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Cats/female cat urination


I have a 4 month old female kitten,obviously not old enough to be spayed and just went into heat--I just witnessed her squatting on my hubbys ps2 unit.  When I aproached I noticed she had peed.  Is this common with kittens in heat?  Or do I have another problem.  I have had MANY cats and have never had this problem and am not sure what to do.

well this is difficult to say as yes it may be a sign of her going into heat although is is rather young.

usually this sort of behaviour is associated with either territory marking (ie as she moves into adult hood) or is sign of comforting herself by making the home smell more like her. For instance another cat may have sat on the ps2 and she is trying to cover the scent.

All I can recommend is that you take a look at my pages about this behaviour to see if anything there rings a bells.

here is the link /cat-urine.html

Also I have a page about cats in heat too for your information

best wishes Kate


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