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Cats/inappropriate urination


I have a 10 year old mixed breed.  She had a UTI which we discovered by her urinating outside of the box.  We took her to the vet, she had antibiotics and has a clean bill of health.  The problem is that she has continued to urinate outside the litter box.  She has chosen my sons room as her spot of choice.  We have had to tear out the carpet from his room, so she moved to the top bunk bed which is not used by my son.  The only options I have been given is to put a litter box where she is urinating, but I can't put a litter box in my 4-year old son's room.  I don't trust that he wouldn't "play with it".

Do you have any other suggestions for me?  I am at my wits end.

sounds like your cat may need some re training regarding her litter tray. In this instance because she has chosen another room to to use I think it is best that you use the confinement process for a week or so to get her out of the habit of using your sons room and to get used to the litter tray again.

You will have to make sure that where she has gone in your sons room is completely clear of any remaining scent, this can often be difficult for us to see (a black light works to show you where it remains, there is a little keyring black light advertised on my website here if you are interested /cat-urine.html)other wise they may continue to use the same spot as they think it is ok to go there.

The re training process is described on one of my web pages. If you take a look at my litter training page and then click through at the bottom of the page, to the page where the confinement method is described (again at the bottom of the page)Here is the link to the page /cat-litter-box.html

Don't worry i get asked this question every day and I know it can be very frustrating but I think all cats go through something like this from time to time either due to illness, or stress. yes it is a pain and unpleasant but it can be overcome. Remember your cat is not being naughty she just needs some re training.

best wishes Kate


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