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I have a Siamese cat who is almost one years old. It has been only the last month that he will cry at my bedroom door starting at 5am until I get up and then he wants nothing to do with me. Why does he do this? He isn't hungry or thirsty.

cats are naturally nocturnal creatures ie they are usually awake during the night in the wild. This is when they do their hunting etc. These instincts remain and so cats are often wanting to be active at night and this often manifests itself as cats trying to get us up early for either attention or food etc.

He probably can't understand why you are asleep and is a bit lonely or bored. The trouble is once this behaviour starts it can be very difficult to stop.

You must make sure that he cannot get to you at night or even to your door, so put him in  a separate room with his bed and toys and water etc. Once he gets used to this routine he will settle down and hopefully sleep until you get up.

If you start to pay him attention when he cries at night he will always do it and it will become harder and harder to stop.

I have a web page about cat meowing etc which you may find of interest./cat-meowing.html

best wishes Kate


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