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hello my son brought a young male cat home after finding it in a bag tied up. we have an older female who has been spayed they get on most of the time, the problem is he urinates all over the house. how can we stop this, help

well first you will have to have him neutered if he is not already as the spraying  will be territorial.

If he is spayed then the urinating is either a urinary infection that needs treatment of is the cats way of scenting the home to make it smell like them. In which case you will need to give him a week confined to one room with his litter tray, bed and toys (described at the bottom of this page /cat-poo.html)

The confinement time give the cat a smaller area to become familiar and confident in and also gets them used to the litter tray etc.

Persistence is the answer not discipline, be confident that he will get used to his tray, perhaps read some of my other pages about urination issues and litter training and give your cat who may have gone through something quite traumatic time to adjust to his new home, smells etc.

best wishes Kate


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