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Cats/1 yr old vs. 10 year old


For 10 years now, I've been an extremely happy owner of a female cat named Nye.  A year ago I decided to adopt "a friend" for her, and there came Primo, a male.
Nye has always been rather timid, but secure and social cat, never been with other cats.  Primo is super-hyper-energy kitten, very perceptive.  He has some agression issues (will bite me till his last breath upon my attempts to clip his nails every 2 weeks).  But this is my main issue with the two cats:
Since day one, Primo has had a habit of chasing Nye.  In the beginning, she did not mind it, and even played hide-and-seek with him.  After a while, she's had enough but he will not let her move (literally) without being chased upon.  Nye's only safe heaven is kitchen table- this is about the only place she can go to, where Primo will not reach her (yet).  Nye's been practically immobile.  She is not 'free' to walk around the apartemnt, and I have not seen her do that for months now.  She growls on Primo when he is near her, but has never hurt him (and she surely could, she is huge and very strong).
Despite all this, they sleep together (but with a distance) on my bed at night.
Primo's tail is almost always very high up- does it mean he's trying to be dominant?  Is he being agressive or just playing?  How should I react to such behavior?  I have no idea whether I should intervene or let them work things out- it has been a year already, though...  
It really upset me this morning to see that Nye was trying to walk into her litter box, and when Primo first noticed her- he, of course, ran to chase her (and she could not use her bathroom).  I gave him "a time out", but I am not sure that was the right thing to do.
Please, please help.  They are both good cats- I am just lost at what is going on, and how I should behave...
Thank you so much!

what can i say, this is completely normal behaviour.

unfortunately cat owners do not understand or realise and it is not there fault, but cats especailly those who have been the only cat in the house for many years do not take kindly to another cat coming onto their territory. Cats do not need other cats for company, they are not like humans in that respect and this is often the misunderstanding that we humans have.

Basically what is happening is that you have a young energetic cat who wnats to play all the time and a older cat who does not, simple. I'm afraid this won't change. I have experienced this myself as a child when my parents brought home a new kitten and my middle aged cat just hated it because the kitten wanted to play all the time and she did not. in the end my older cat left home, luckily for us she moved down the street to someonme who was prepared to look after her.

It sounds to me like play in your case but nothing you do will change any thing. All you can do is make sure your older cat has many places she can escape to or get some time out away from the other cat. So beds on top of cupboards etc is a good idea. Or if she is able to excape out side when she needs to geta way from him.

I'm sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping for, but it is normal cat behavior and instinct etcs. cats are not pack animals like dogs and unless they have been brought up with another cat from birth, they will find another act on their territory difficult to deal with. hopefully what will happen over time is that your younger cat will calm down and they get to a point where they tolerate each others presence in the home.

I know it can be hard to watch but as long as you are there for both your cats and as i say give them escape routes from each other, they should settle down in time.

best wishes kate


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