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i adopted a kitten a few weeks ago when it was only 7 weeks old. i knew from the start it was too young to be separated.

anyways i was reading and it says they can become biters because of being taken away early, well my little kitten is biting all the time when you try and play with her. what can i do to try and stop this. i have been using a spray bottle to try and stop her from biting but its not helping. have you any advice for me.

thank you so much

yes this is a common problem, they simply have not learned that biting is not fun, which they would have learnt from their mother and brothers and sisters.

you will have to train him using the positive / negative discipline process described here


this takes a little time but is the best way for a cat to learn.

Also make sure that when ever you or anyone else does play with him, make sure toys are always used rather than fingers and toes.

best wishes kate


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