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Dear Kate,I am in a big pickle with my two cats.They are both boys and fixed.After living for more than two years hapily about a month  ago they had a spat that turned very violent.Since then they can notbe in the same room.They are two and a half years apart in age and the small one is half the weight of the big one.we have consulted a doctor and tried everything out there -spraying with water,spearating them for a while,keepong them in their cages facing each other till they stop making noises...everything.Currently we have them on cat anti depressants that the doctor gave us but they dont seem to help.The big cat is becoming mor and more aggressive even towards us.At this point we r concidering putting him down as re-homing him will be impossible(he has a very difficult character).My question is in your experience have u come accross something similar and what would u be able to suggest before we go to the point of putting the big one down?We r at the end of our rope now but we r still willing to try everything possible.Thank you very much in advance,Regards, Becky


this sounds to me like something called aggression trauma. It is caused when something frightened one cat and they take this fear out on another cat even if they had nothing to do with it. i come across it quite often.

the fear could have been triggered by anything a loud noise, tail being trodden on, a visit to the vet etc.

the only way to try and help your cats regain their confidence each other again is with a slow process of re introduction in a safe and calm environment. this can take a week or so and may have to be repeated but it does help the cats in the long run.

the process is described on my web page here


best wishes kate


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