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I've always heard and read that Maine Coons are really fantastic creatures in all sort of ways. I have met this breed and totally fell in love. So I got one for me and my fiance. The problem is that he is the opposite of any Maine Coon I've ever met. Mine's aggressive, he can "snap" and you can see it in his eyes. He can attack our feet with claws and teeth, which often results in us throwing him out. We've tried to correct him from he was a little kitten, but haven't helped much. We have neutered him too. Sometimes we cant get any sleep because of him, he wanders about making noises, trying to take our feet, and sometimes climb in bed just to bite us.. We always keep the bedroom door and window open so that he freely can go out if he feels like it, but when he gets like this we close the door and let him stay in entrance. He has food and fresh water all the time. Our friends and family are scared of him because you never know what he's going to do, at one point he's a loving cat and the suddenly he bites your hand. If we intend to remove him from the table he bites us. Once he bit my fiancès hand so that he bled. Don't get me wrong, sometimes he's a loving cat too..and those times he's a dream to have around. I just don't know what to do! I've talked to the vet about it, but they don't take me seriously. They say that: He's a cat, you cant expect him to do what you want all the time. What kind of answer is that? I don't want him to do as I want all the time, I want him to stop hurting us and people that come visit, and let us sleep at night.. I seriously don't know what to do! i don't know what I have done wrong. I've had my share of cats from since I was a little girl and never had a cat like this. I'm tired of getting rejected about this. This is a big problem for us. We went on vacation an had him on a kitty hotel, the workers there said he was a loving cat and really social. Maybe he just isn't happy living with us? I cant even tend to his fur, so he got allot of hairballs between his feet..if i try he scratches me and wants to bite.

it sounds to me like he hasn't learnt properly that biting is not a game. Some cats think that biting hands and feet is fun not aggressive. This is due to them not understanding this.

So my reaction to you is that he's not being nasty or aggressive, he sounds like a frustrated cat with lots of energy and no way to use it up so he plays with you and friends etc in the only way he knows how.

When you say you tried to correct the behaviour I wonder how you did this. often owners mistakenly think that spraying water , shouting etc is the way to discipline cats but i'm afraid to say this has the opposite affect and can make the cat afraid of you.

the secret to teaching a cat not to bite is to use a language they understand and this is by the reaction they get, i.e negative or positive. A positive reaction is getting a response like talking, or making any noise at all such as yelping, patting and stroking and being made a fuss of. A negative response is silence and being removed from the situation of being left alone.

The process can take some time because you are trying to undo long term learned behaviour but if everyone in the house follows the rules and if he gets negative responses when he bites and positive ones when he doesn't he will eventually learn the rules.
So when ever he bites, don't make a sound or look at him, get up and move out of the room or put him out of the room.

i have a web page about this process here


Also it may be that he is a little bored. Maine coons can need a lot of stimulation to keep them happy. i used to own one and he was a gentle giant with lots of energy.

i have a page with some ideas about the sorts of cat toys available and also a page about keeping indoor cats happy too.



i hope I have been able to help

best wishes Kate  


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