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I rented a house to a person who had six cats. She moved out and left the cats without food of water or liter basket for two weeks,I took them to an animal shelter. I cleaned and painted the basement floors and every room of the house.  I've used chlorex,
Odoban,baking,soda,etc but I can't get rid of the smell. an you recommend a solution to this problem ?

well it depends if there was a lot of urine etc in the house and whether or not it has seeped into floor boards of soft furnishings or not. in extreme urine cases some times items just have to be thrown away.

you say you have used baking soda, I don't know if this is the same as bicarbonate of soda, but this stuff is the king of getting rid of odours. Use it wet first in water i.e wash everything down with the solution. then when dry sprinkle the powder dry everywhere and leave over night, then vacuum up.

unfortunately the longer smells i.e urine are left the harder it is to remove and so treatments have to be carried out several times.

best wishes kate  


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