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We own a 9 year old desexed Male cat, who wanders about 8 houses up the road to beat up a 20 year old male cat (inside the cats house). We are currently keeping him locked up at night but now he is going out earlier and beating up the other cat. We cannot keep our cat locked up during the day as we live in a hot climate so always have doors open.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Sorry no, I don't think there is much you can do. Your cat is displaying normal territory behaviour. Also some times cats take a particular dislike to some other cats, why who knows.

Normally what happens is that the two cats normally sort out there differences and then keep there distance, it is unusual for two cats to continually attack each other, it is generally not in their interests to risk injury.

is the other cat neutered too? If not then this could be what is causing your cat to go for him as he will be giving off strong scents etc.

I really don't know what to suggest a part from getting together with the other cats owners and trying to arrange different times they are out or you could build a large enclosure in your yard. This need not be anything elaborate, but as long it is entirely enclosed including a roof made of chicken wire or wire fencing. A little extreme perhaps but sometimes things like this just have to be done to help our pets live a happy outside life in a safe environment.

best wishes kate


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