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I have five four week old kittens who are just beginning to eat. However i am having trauble with getting them to use their litter box. I place them in there after they have eaten, but all they want to do is eat the litter. I don't know what to do, as every kitten just eats it straight away, and i know this can be harmful to them. How can i teach them that it is not for eating? Thakyou for your time

try changing the litter to some other softer type, paper is good. this is softer on their paws and even if eaten as long as their are no chemicals or deodorizers in it should not do any harm.

You can't really stop them eating it, they normally learn from their mother how to use the litter tray.

I would let nature take its course, as long as they have full tummies before they go into the litter tray they should not have the desire to eat anything else, so perhaps give them a few minutes after eating before putting them in the tray. It can take a few minutes (up to 10) before the brain gets the signal that they are full (tip there for us humans too I think :) )

best wishes Kate


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