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How long can a cat survive "stuck" up a tree?  She was about 40 feet up for several days, and I called one of the tree toppers, who advertized "cat rescue".  She walked on branches over to the tree her "rescuer" was in, and climbed higher.  She went up way to high for a safe retrieval.  She is probably between 60 and 80 feet up.  How long can she go without food?  It's been raining off and on, mostly off.  It's also been getting very cold, close to freezing at night.  Have cats died up trees?  She's about 3-4 years old, and has spent enough time outside to know about trees.  What's better...ignoring her or calling to her off and on throughout the day and night?  I believe we are hitting close to day 6.  Thank you,  Cindy

well this is very unusual indeed for a cat to be up a tree for six days. They would normally get down of there own accord once they were hungry or thirsty.

the danger is from the cold and also from dehydration rather than from lack of food. I would say that she needs to come down very soon. Put very smell food and fresh water for her at the bottom of the tree and leave her (keeping an eye on her from afar to see if she attempts to get to the food) if she does but is obviously stuck then she will need to be rescued somehow (here in the Uk the Fire service will help, i don't know if that is the same where you are).

I'm hoping she gets down by herself, she should be able to but it all depends on how brave she is or in the position she has got herself.

I've got my fingers crossed for you.

best wishes Kate


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