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Hey i am a little panicky because no one else is available to answer questions and i know you probably dont answer questions about fleas but just hear me out.
Ok my cat Gizmo seemed to have flea dirt, i give him an over the counter flea and tick treatment every month. However where he sleeps and on his window seat there seems to be flea dirt and i dont know what to do. I vacuumed and washed everything that was on the floor or that he layed on, He is an indoor cat during the day and an outside cat during the night. Help Please! any information u may have about this is greatly appreciated. Again im sorry if you dont really handle things like this but no one else can answer my questions.
THanks so muchhh for reading thiss.

Don't worry all cat owners experience fleas at some point and yes they are horrible but its all part of being a cat owner.

First of all. stop buying the over the counter flea treatment, they are often not as affective as the ones you get from the vet. yes the vet ones are more expensive but there's a reason for that, they work. next you will have to tackle your whole house or at least every room your cat ever goes in. fleas have a life cycle which means that they can lay dormant for quite some time and then reinfect your cat over and over again if they are not destroyed in your home at the same time as your cat is treated.

My best advice is to read my pages about fleas, read all the pages as it will give a better understanding of what you are dealing with and knowledge as they say is power. the pages should also help you treat them affectively.

here is the first page


Don't worry you will get rid of them it just can take a little time and persistence.

best wishes Kate


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