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I have 2.5 years old neutered male cat. He has taken up a habit of growling at me or my flatmate if he asks to get out and we do not open the door. Couple of times I have tried to cuddle him and hold him but he just “warns” me in this way when he wants to go out. He has never acted violently towards me or anyone else. He is just a rather vocal cat. My flatmate has got 1.5 years old female cat that “hassles” him – tries to play with him etc when he is asleep or challenges him when he wants to go out. On these occasions he hisses at her or growls. He does that also when he comes to me and wants to be stroked and the other cat comes too near, or when he is eating and she approaches him or if she is sleeping on my bed.

I am worried that he is going to become badly behaved, and especially worried as in my current situation I cannot afford to live alone. Is he jealous? Or is this territorial thing? The flat is admittedly small 2 bed flat so does he feel squeezed? I have lived with this friend of mine for more than a year now, we moved to a new flat 5 months ago and my cat started this behaviour maybe 1.5 months ago. For the first 2 months he did not really dare to go out on his own as was really scared of the cats in the neighbourhood, and still unfortunately fights regularly with the other males in the area. He is not attention seeking individual but rather does his own thing, but outside in the garden he is VERY friendly with me and my flatmate. Should I be worried or opt out for a flatmate without a cat.

Is there something I can do about this? Should I tell him off? Or ignore him?

Thanks in advance. Highly appreciated.

this sounds to me like normal territorial behaviour where the other cat is concerned. the growling is his way of warning her off and is normal.

As for growling at you when he wants to go out that is a little more unusual but again is his way of saying, i'm fed up so don't hassle me, so picking him up would definitely be the wrong thing to do.

This cat may simply be bored in his home environment if there is not enough to keep him stimulated and able to explore his catty instincts. So perhaps if could b worth looking at ways in which your cats life while inside could be more varied and interesting. See this page for some ideas

With regard to living with the other cat, well cats generally do not like to live with other cats ie intruding on their territory. However in most cases what happens is that the cats sort out their own boundaries with each other and this is normal.

Try not to let your fears and worries show around your cat as they are very good at picking up on your anxieties and this can make things worse. Be relaxed around him, when he growls just walk away and ignore him. this in itself is discipline as it is a negative response.


best wishes kate


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