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Hi Kate,

I am writing in concern to my 18 year old cat Lucy. I noticed the other day that it appears that Lucy has gone deaf in both ears. Normally when we call her name at least one or both or her ears would prick up to acknowledge she was being called but the other day she was facing away from me and I was calling her and she didn't respond. I then told my mum to call her (as this is the voice most familiar to the cat) and again she didn't even respond. Lucy was then sat on the armchair next to me and when she was facing away from me I placed my hands behind her head and clapped them together loudly, again she didn't even flinch.

I am wondering if she may have gone deaf either naturally or whether it is possible a build up of earwax could have caused the problem. I would appreciate your thoughts.
Kind Regards,

well yes at 18 it is quite likely that she may have become deaf due to old age. However it is always worth looking into her ears in case there is some issue there. You may be able to see black stuff or lots of yellow stuff in the ear. If so it could be caused by ear mites which can cause deafness too.

there are ear drops available to buy from the vets are from pet shops which if you think she may have a ear problem you could try, they won;t do any harm.

i have a web site with some information about deaf cats and also ear problems. you may find them of interest here are the pages



best wishes kate


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