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Cats/cat not peeing in litter box


I have a little older than a year male orange tabby. He has always been so good about going to the bathroom in his litter box since I got him at 8 weeks old. But a few weeks ago , we started noticing an odd smell in our apartment. Finally after a week after wondering what the smell was we notice the carpet in the bathroom reeks and I looked in his litter box and there was absolutely no urine clumps. I changed his litter (there was a trash bag in there and also a different brand of litter so I refilled it with the litter but no trash bag and he went back to peeing in the litter box). But now we just caught him peeing on the bathroom carpet again, after I just cleaned his litter box. Do you have any advice on how we can get him to stop doing this or why he is doing this? Thank you very much.

you did not mention if he was neutered or not. if not then this would be a classic tom cat scenting behaviour.

however even from time to time neutered cats will carry out this behaviour and it can be brought on by many issues.

the best thing I can suggest is to ask you to read my web page about this problem. It will also tell you how you can try to solve the problem.

here is the page


best wishes kate


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