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Hello, my cat gave birth 4 days ago to just one kitten who resembles nothing like the parents (both egyptian mau) he is just black and was nearly dead the day after birth (hindsight ?? too cold as alone when mummy took a break. This is her 2nd litter (4 kittens 1st time and breastfed no probs) we warmed the kitty up and fed him 0.5ml kitten formula and he ralied. Only the bottom 2 of mums nipples were firm around delivery and same on day 1. Kitten feeding very frequently and then 48hrs after birth mum passed some retained products ? membranes which she ate before I could examine and she bled very slightly (not trickling) following and is otherwise eating, drinking, playing, elliminating well. Her nipples now ALL seem soft despite much stimulation from me and the kitten. I have tried repeatedly to express some milk to no avail. My main worry is a) is there anything else left in the womb that is preventing her from lactating and B) Should I be able to get milk out at day 4 myself. Kitty weighed today 1st time and is 125g. I did give him a little kitty formula every day but prob around 10 mls on day 1 and again on day 2 and 5-10 on day 3 and 4. (I have spoken to vet today who said if mummy is otherwise well then leave her alone and take her to vet next week maybe for checkup. (I am a midwife and lactation consultant to humans and using these skills!!!I am worried about her milk supply mostly.
many thanks if you get time to answer this question. Also just  out of curiosity why would this kitten not resemble its parents - the last little was identical to the parents.

this is not really my area but i always say that the cat owners know best. I.e you are best placed to ascertain what is happening and if you are at in the least bit worried then I would always say take them to the vets straight away.

I say this because Ok yes if nothing is wrong it would have costs a visit BUT if something is, there is nothing worse than the blame after wards if something happens to the cats. I am too often emailed by distraught owners who say if only.

So if you feel that she is not producing enough milk or if the kitten is showing signs of not thriving then take them to the vets as soon as possible.

As for why the kitten does not look like its parents, all I can say either your queen mated with another cat or there may be genes in her blood line which may have these colour characteristics.

I hope al is well.
I do have some pages on my site which general information about kitten care etc. here is the first page which you may find of further interest.


best wishes kate


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