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Cats/Kitten using her bed as a toilet


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I have two 15 month old girl cats and adopted a 3 month old rescue kitten just over a week ago.  We had some initial problems with our two original cats not initially accepting the kitten, but over the last week we've had an awful lot of progress on that.  The only outstanding problem we have is that the kitten seems to be using her bed (and the beds of the other cats!) as a litter tray.  We have 3 litter trays, and I have seen her using them, but every morning I come downstairs and she has wet her bed.  We keep as close an eye on her as we can during the day when we're home, but I still keep finding wet beds!  I give her a big fuss every time she uses the litter tray, and when I spot her starting to wee in her bed/on the sofa I scoop her up and put her in the tray (but I never tell her off) but it doesn't seem to be working...Any advice you can give me would be gratefully received!

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yes this is a common problem is down to the fact that she has not settled into her new home properly yet and so feel the need to scent mark.

try giving her a week of litter training using the confinement process this should help to build her confidence, also during this time you could add a couple of sessions of introducing the two other cats to her. both of these methods are described here



Things should settle down as she becomes more confident in her new home.

best wishes Kate


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