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I have also had a problem with aggression.  My 6 month old male Maine Coon mix out of no where attacks are feet and hands. As one of your e-mailers stated, " It went on 3 times until you physically swat the cat. The last couple of times me and my daughter have been bitten in the face!! No blood, but pretty hard. I am VERY concerned about what we should do, or is this a possible trait that we have to take or leave.  It can be very frightening and frustrating.  Any suggestions?  Thank you in advance.


no this is not a breed trait it is a learned behaviour. It may be that someone in the past has played or teased him with their hands or feet or he may have been taken away from his litter too early and never learnt acceptable play behaviour.

The only way to deal with this is by using the negative discipline process described here


So as soon as he goes for someone's feet he should be picked up and taken out of the room and the door should be shut n him. Do this with as little fuss and noise as possible. this is a negative response and over time if this happens every time he carries out this behaviour he will eventually learn that he gets a negative response and should stop.

best wishes kate


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