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Cats/"Moping" older cat after new kitten brought home


Here is my scenario: I have a 1-year old neutered male cat and I brought home a 4-month old male kitten. I followed all the recommendations for introducing the two to each other. The initial introductions went fine; both cats took turns chasing each other; both share dishes & litter boxes. Recently I observed that my older cat has been "depressed." He`s been moping around, not overly interested in his food. The kitten has been trying to get the older cat to play and the older cat is not interested. I would understand if this was happening shortly after I brought the kitten home... I have been spending extra time with the older cat to let him know that he is still "special" and hasn't been replaced... Is this something that will pass with time? (I've always had one cat at a time; this is my first time with two)

well this is a bit tricky to answer as we can't be sure that his apparent moody behaviour is definitely caused by the arrival of the kitten. Whenever a cats behaviour changes I always recommend that you have the cat checked by a vet first just in case there is something physically wrong.

If he does get the all clear then it may be that he is just under stimulated rather than depressed about the new kitten. In which case making sure that their home environment is as stimulating as possible. Lots of toys, climbing things etc.

When you say the two cats were introduced properly I am not sure what procedure you followed. I have a web page about cat introduction which is designed to ensure that confidence is built up between the two animals before they are allowed free access to the home and each other. This may be helpful if the two don't seem to get on. Also once your four month old male kitten is neutered it may also help to reduce any tension between them. At four months old your male kitten may be starting to give off male hormone scents which is threatening to your older cat.

Don't worry, as long as the vet gives you a all clear health wise, I'm sure that with a little time and some more stimulus for your cat that he will return to his usual self.

Here are some pages from my site which you may find of further help/ interest



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