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we had the cutest little stray cat hanging around the neighborhood that nobody knew who owned her, she was coming into heat every few weeks. We saw her with a neighbors male seal point siamese on two occasions within a day apart. she has not came into heat again and this was in the week of Sept 14th. She came around again on Oct 2nd and I noticed her belly was fuller, so I was actually able to pick her up and bring her inside. I thought this was odd since you could barely touch her before, She has gotten much sounder since then. I have read many articles about Cats teets getting pink and bigger, but hers are a whiteish pink color and too be honest I dont know what a normal cats teets are supposed to look like in size. Almost 2 weeks ago I felt a kitten move in her belly, then today they were really moving around. I have her on kitten food and made a nest for her but am so unsure when she is due, as I dont know her exact mating time. Exactly what do a pregnant cats teets look like compared to a non pregnant cat, and when do you think she should be due with feeling the kittens move for 2 weeks Thank you so much for your advice.

Well it is difficult to describe exactly what they look like as they can differer slightly from cat to cat.
it is probably best if I point you in the direction of my web page about cat pregnancy etc for more advice.

best wishes kate


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