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Cats/Sudden Cat Aggression toward owners


I am beside myself.  I have a male cat, fixed, but still has claws. Inside cat.  Mostly always gentle, very loving, about 4 years old.

He has never been able to handle other cats.  when he sees them he gets aggressive, but never turned it toward us.  Last week, he got out of our screen door.  By the time we realized he was out, it had been about an hour or so.  He came in extremely agressive toward me and my daughter who were the ones home at the time -- hissing and stalking.  This occurred for about an hour to two hours.  He calmed down and everything seemed ok.

A few days later, my husband was sitting next to him like he does often and I was telling my husband about the incident that had happened a few days prior.  I made the hissing sound trying to describe the situation to my husband and suddenly the cat attacked my husband.  The screamed and hissed and attacked his head.  My husband was bleeding from his face and scalp, hand and arm.  The cat missed his eye by only an inch.  Since then, again this am, he was looking out the window and I stood by him and told my husband that there were ducks in the pond, when the cat turned on me and hissed.  I turned and sat in my chair and he began literally "stalking" me.  We've chased him into the bedroom and closed the door until he calms down, but we don't know what to do.  We cannot afford a vet visit.  

Please help.  

alot of cat aggression is caused by fear and his reaction is due to something which has triggered fear in him and he is just reacting to this. unfortunately the fear is not caused by you but you are the nearest thing to him when it happens and so he just lashes out. Its purley a reaction and not because he hates you or is fearful of you you are just the inwitting victims. this is common its sort of misplaced aggression.

basically he neds some time out to regain his confidence gain. I would give hima  few days in one room with his toys, basket litter etc and only let him out for his food. Also during this time you will all need to visit him regualry and play with him but let him take the lead ie appraoch you rather than the other way round. please see my bonding page for more on this approach

this period is not punishmenmt it just allows the cat to have less to worry about and be bale to calm down and get to re know and trust you all again.

i also have a general page about cat aggression which you may also find of interest.


I know this is a worrying time but just cat just needs some time to get over what ever caused him the initial fright.

best wishes Kate


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