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my cat is in labor now the thing is she has been pregnant before and she had alot of blood coming out and we took her 2 the vet and we had no money but the vet came out and saw how she was so she kinda helped us 4 free. Anyways she said basically since my cat hadnt had her babies yet at that time that one was probably stuck in the birth canal and 2 do a c section which was 1000$, which i didnt have and so she said the only other option was that if she didnt pass them by the next morning then we would have 2 put her 2 sleep. There was no way in hell i was gonna just wait a couple hours and then just be like ok we will put her 2 sleep, so i waited and by the next night 1 came out and then after that the next day she passed another and then a couple hours later another which they all died right away. But my problem now that she is in labor now and 4 days ago she had like a dark brown discharge down there and it stayed wet then and then the day after that which was 3 days ago it was then blood and she was makin spots of light pink blood everywhere she sat.and then the following day 2 days ago her legs where covered in stiff dried up blood and i clean what i could off but more would come and where her babys would come out at that area looked like a real shiny glossy kinda darkish brown stuff which was covering each sides of her hole there. And then though finally during that night sometime she passed 2 out but they were dead.But then all day yesterday she laid in her area and more blood comin out still in big dark spots if she sat up on my carpet and more blood comin out covering her legs and it smells bad i think its the blood that smells. But all day yesterday she layed and was like so weak she couldnt get up and she wouldnt eat or drink all day yesterday and the day before i dont think she did either she is like so weak she cant move, the thing is i can feel movement in there still and its been like 33 hours since she finally had passed those 2 but i think she should have passed the others within a day and i just think there is something wrong especially since she had problems last time.i like want 2 know what u think this is and even if she does pass the other babies 2day do u think she will eat because she is going 2 be so  so so weak today and do u think something else might be wrong with her because of like all the blood and how long it took her 2 pass the 2 and because she still hasnt passed the rest in over a day since the last? I just am thinking that its been so long its like if she was gonna have them then she already would of, Please help she is my life and i dont want 2 see her suffer anymore?!!

I really do not know what to say to you. you say she is your life but instead of finding the money to get her treatment you wait and ask questions online which in fact no one can answer. Also after her last preganancy where she had so much trouble and all her kittens were dead, the kindest thing would have been to have spared her any more anguish and have her spayed then.

She sounds like a cat who basically is unable to carry a healthy litter, too much blood and takes too long to deliver which is probably why they are born dead. unfortunately this is also putting your cats life at danger too.

if you say you can still feel moving kittens inside her then your only option is to take her to the vets and pay whatever it costs to have them delivered (they may not have to do a c section this time).

This may sound very harsh to you and I certainly do not mean it to. But I'm sorry but to own and love a cat is to be able to pay for vet treatment etc too. if you cannot or do not have insurance then you really need to ask yourself, should you have a cat?

If I were you at this time, you need to take her to the vet and get treatment for her now and then also have her spayed straight away to prevent future pregnancies. Are there any animal charities in your area that may be able to help with costs, check around, sometimes there is emergency help for animals.

I do so hope that your cat will be aright for your sake, i can imagine how much you love her. Please do not delay, you may be able to save the lives of the unborn kittens.

best wishes Kate


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