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I have 2 cats, Oliver is 5 years old and Joey is 6 months, both are indoor cats. When Joey was first brought home it was war for about 4 days, I had to keep Oliver away from Joey for fear he would seriously hurt him. They became best friends. I took Joey in to be neutered but when I brought him home the next day as soon as Oliver took a whiff of him he went crazy, he is extremely aggressive. I have tried using the water bottle and right now I take turns closing them off in a room and showing affection to each one individually but nothing seems to work. If Oliver has his way Joey will be out the door!!!
Is this normal behavior? I really need some help with this one, will they ever be friends again?

don't worry this is normal behaviour. There is a way that cats need to be introduced to each other so that they can build confidence in each other in a safe and calm environment. I have described the process here. it does take a little time and effort but it really is worth it in the end.


P.S you may also be interested in my page about cat discipline. i only say this as the water bottle method is worse than useless as all it does is make the cat fearful of you and can make situations worse. here is the page anyway


best wishes Kate


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