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Cats/cat behavior or symptom?


My six month old kitten was spayed Friday. Monday evening she has an accident on the kitchen floor. She has never done this before (to the best of my knowledge). Do you think this could be due to the surgery?

yes it could be that she is still feeling the affects of the aneathetic which may have confused her or made her feel a little anxious.

cats alos use their urinate not just to scent mark territory but also as a way of making their home smell more like them which helps to calm them down. So it may just be that after the surgery she felt a little anxious etc.

i wouldn't worry too much at this stage, make sure you remove all traces of the urine so that she won't be encouraged to go to that area again.

If she continues to do this then she may benefit from a little re training which will also help to restore her confidence. the process is described here


best wishes Kate


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