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Hello.  I have an 8 yr. old female, short-hair cat (spayed) that I adopted from PetCo about 2 1/2 months ago.  When we first brought her home she had diarrhea, but that subsided quickly, so we think it was just nerves.  Then she coughed a lot & we took her to the vet & they gave her antibiotics & she was fine.  But during all of this she has continued to throw up almost daily, usually in the morning before she's had breakfast.  So it's been since the night before that she last ate.  The two times we've taken her to the vet about the vomiting they told me she was backed up & one time it was so bad they gave her an enema.  They did blood tests & I think they did a stool sample & said everything looked fine.  Upon x-ray they found a tiny spot of arthritis but she's on Desequin for that now.  The vet has us feeding her 3/4 can of Hill's Prescription Diet W/D (moist) twice a day + a tsp. of pumpkin each time she eats.  But she still throws up.  The vomit is watery, with no hair or food that I can see.  In fact, I've never seen her vomit a hairball at all.  According to her adoption paperwork she had all the necessary vaccinations & tests & was healthy as far as they knew (for what that's worth).  I don't know anything about her history other than when she was first brought to the shelter she had bad gingivitis & they pulled all but 3 of her teeth.  Any help or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.  I don't want to have to get rid of her but at this rate we can't keep up with the all the bills that keep adding up.  Thank you so much!


I have a web site about cats which includes cat health. i do have several pages about cat vomiting which you may find of further help. unfortunately it is impossible to be specific about your own cats symptoms as it does seem like she has had many health problems in the past which may or may not be the cause.

take a look at my pages and see if there are any similarities and perhaps try a few of the suggests on the pages to see if they make a difference. it would be such a shame for you to have to get rid of her. Also may i suggest that as she has already had health issues that you consider getting some pet insurance. it sure saved me thousands over the years as i too had a rather sickly cat for many years.

here is the first page about cat vomiting


best wishes Kate


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