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Cats/cat weeing in house


hi there we are having problems with our male british cream shorthair, weeing in the house and pooing at random in different places, i recently put in a cat flap and both cats happily were doing their business outside, but as soon as the weather has got slightly worse the male cat has started doing it inside and seems reluctant to go out whereas our female cat happily still does her business outside, i would appreciate any tips as we are having to go back to litter trays which we had previously eliminated from the house



unfortunately I'm not sure you can do anything about this. i had the same situation with my cat. She would go outside to the toilet during the summer but as soon as the weather turned she returned to her inside litter tray.

The installation of the cat flap may also be playing a part in this at the moment. other cats may have entered the house without you knowing or even sprayed around the cat flap outside. This would make your cat feel worried and may be causing him to want to scent mark his house. see this page for more details on this


best wishes Kate  


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