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QUESTION: We have a female cat who is roughly about 3 years old. We just moved to a new house about 3 months ago. She has not stopped mewing since. she acts like she is in heat, lifting of tail, dancing feet, but she was in heat before we moved. There is NO way she has been in heat for 5 months! I love my cat but I'm about to choke her. She mews day and night and is driving us all insane. what can we do to stop this behavior?

simple answer is oh yes she can. cats can be in heat for every one week in three for up to 9 months of the year. So her behaviour can seem almost constant.

As to what to do about it well the simple and best answer is to have her spayed. This will stop this frustrating and sometimes distressing behaviour for you both.

best wishes Kate

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QUESTION: I had considered having her spayed, but I am worried about it hurting her health. I know it seems abit panicky, but I had a male neutered once and with in 3 weeks of having it done he died. He was alot older, and had already populated the entire neighborhood several times.( hence why I had him fixed, neighbors were becoming violently unhappy)
Sadie on the other hand has never been mated, however there is a male cat hanging around our house daily spraying. Will his being around effect her so the spaying doesn't stop her mating call? If so how do we stop it after having her spayed?

once she is spayed she will no longer call.

I am sorry to hear of your previous experience but that is a very rare occurrence. i have owned cats all my life and had them all spayed with no ill effects what so ever. in fact i would say they are much happier cats as they seem much calmer and contented.

there are also some health benefits in having them spayed. Please see this page for more details on this  /neutering.html

best wishes Kate


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