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QUESTION: I adopted a two year old male part Persian cat about 10 weeks ago. He was being given away because he did not like one of the other animals at his previous home and hid every night. When I brought him home he hid and did not eat for 4 weeks. I finally cornered him and forced him to drink some water and let me stroke him for an hour or so. He then became distressed and I let him go again (always inside the house - he has never been outside in the 10 weeks). He now eats and drinks every night and uses the litter tray but only at night when we are asleep or when we are all away from home. Should I corner him again and force my attention on him or should I just leave him to be a "phantom"? I would love to give him affection and convince him there is nothing to fear. We have no other pets and my husband and I are both retired so things are fairly quiet.
I do hope you can help.
Thanks, Lyn

no you should not corner him and force him to do anything. All this will do is make his fear worse. the best thing you need to do is to gain his confidence in you at is pace and time. i know this can be frustrating and take some time but it really is the only and best option.

i have a page which will help you with this here

best wishes Kate

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks so much Kate - I am worried that my cornering him will have frightened him too much to undo the damage. Have you ever come across a cat who took this long to come out and did they evr recover? Thanks again for your reply and for the info on the webpage you directed me to. It was very helpful.
Thanks again, Lyn

Well I get asked many many questions every day both here and via my web site and yes I have come across others who have asked similar things. The simple answer is, every cat is different, so adapt quickly, some take longer, some take much longer. It all depends on there life experiences so far and their own idividual personality. But yes I belive if you give your cat time and allow them to come to you and build trust in you in their own time that he will eventualy relax and come out of hiding.

I wish you both all the best and long and happy life togeather.

best wishes KAte


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