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Hi, I just got a female cat yesterday night and I think she maybe pregnant. she was a stray and has been hanging around a family members house for a few months. I brought her to my house and I have one other female cat that is spayed. She is used to cats because we recently lost our 12 year old male neutered cat and she got along with him fine. My cat I have had is about 5, she was born here at my house so she has lived her all her life.

My problem is the new cat. She acts very aggressive toward the dogs and even charges them. around my other cat she is fine. my other cat is the one who hisses and growls. I was wondering how do I get my 5 year old female used to my new cat and how do I get my new cat used to my dogs?  I have been putting my 5 year old cat either in a kennel and offering both turkey but the 5 year old cat refuses to eat it around the new pregnant female. as for the dogs I have been getting one dog and putting her at my door and opening it so the new cat can see her. If any aggression is shown I close the door and try again later.


Well i think the best thing I can do is to direct you to my page about introducing cats to each other (the process is the same with dogs)

It does take time and patience but is the best way to help the cats build confidence without the fear of attack.

here is the page


best wishes Kate  


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