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I'm writing to you for advise on a cronic litter-box behaviour problem that I fear may become a larger problem very soon.
My husband and I have three cats. The oldest is a 7 year old Maine Coon I've had since kittenhood. I brought him home to a house that already had a female cat. He DID use the box normally for about a year, but started using the wood floors an an alternative about 1/2 the time or more.
The female cat he was brought home to HATED him. She was never confrontational, never territorial, never aggressive unless he tried to play with her (she never liked his playfulness). He simply stopped sharing the box with her years ago, and has never began using it regularly again.
When that female cat went missing (stolen? ran away?) a bit over a year ago, I went out and brought home 2 tiny girl kittens (sisters). He gets along with them famously! They simply adore each other and are a very close knit kitty family! They share 1 litter box, which we clean thoroughly every-other day. The Maine coon boy still only opts to use the litterbox about 1/2 the time, but has begun using FURNITURE (futon, couch, loveseat) as new litterbox alternatives recently.
The girl kitties (now 15 months old) use the litterbox reliably.
My husband and I will be moving at the end of this month to a beautiful new flat. Pets are not permitted, but we've decided to take them anyways.
But we refuse to move to a beautiful new home and have our maine coon ruin the carpeting and new furniture with his misbehaviour!!!
Unless we can reliably remedy the problem soon, we will have to leave my 7 year old Maine Coon behind to live alone with my mother.
I don't want to be seperated from the old cat I've raised since kittenhood, and it certainly wouldn't be in his best interest to be separated from the 2 young girl cats he's so well bonded with now. Besides, Leo's never been an only cat.
Please let me know what suggestions you may have.
Thank you!

I don't know if you wil like this answer but it is well known that cats do not like to share litter boxes. This is because the smell of another cats urine etc is used in their language as a territory marker. So the litter box is not there territory but someone else and this is why they choose to go elsewhere.

Often sibling cats are ok to share as they have that family bond.

The best option is to get another litter tray just for him. This should not be placed near the other box so that scent is not transferred.

Also when you do get another tray, to help him get used to it you could give him a period of training with it. This will help him become used and confident. here is a page which describes this training in more detail.


Also you may lie to browse my site for other useful information. I even have a page about how to move home with a cat, which you may find of interest

best wishes Kate


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