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I am just curious about the way my cat is behaving. I don't really know if he likes me. He is curious, and he sits on the table when I eat, sleeps on my bed, comes to me to feed him. However, he also refuses to sit next to me or on my lap, and does not like to be held. I take those things as negative, but some things he does i don't understand. Like some times when I am trying to sleep he sits on my chest and chews on my nose and ears. I don't know what this means. He also licks me a lot on my hands. He seems to be a little head shy, and backs away if you try to pet him. He also hisses at me if I cut his nails. We recently acquired a new 6 month old Abyssinian female and she has been stealing his spotlight, but I personally focus in him the most. Basically, I want to know how to tell if my cat loves/trusts me, and if not how to improve the relationship.

I really wouldn't worry. from what you have described your cat definitely likes you. the licking and sitting on you etc are all signs of affection. however not all cats like to be picked up or sit on laps etc, its just the way they are.

As you know cats are funny things and every one I have ever met has been different. you just can't judge one to another. You just have to accept the way they are and adapt to them.

best wishes Kate


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