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Cats/cat biting and chewing and table food


I have two questions. A coworkers daughter had to give up her 4 month old kitten so I decided to take him.  He was ok for the first couple of days but after that he became a terror. I have been around cats all my life and I have NEVER seen a cat this stubborn and bad. He continually bites, and I don't mean the normal kitten play biting. He has drawn blood before. Nothing stops it, I've tried the water bottle, telling him no firmly.  I can't take his teeth out so what can I do to stop this rough behavior.  Also he chews on furniture even though he has a variety of toys.  
The second question is that my coworkers daughter also gave him table food continuously now he is relentless when I am eating. I have never given table food but he still does it and he is now 8 months old. It doesn't matter how many times I spray him with the water bottle or tell him no, he is determined to get the food.  He still does it if even if he just ate a can of wet cat food.

sounds to me like this kitty needs some discipline, he obviously has not learned not to bite when playing etc and also the begging from the table for food is not acceptable.

generally spraying with a water bottle is not a good idea as all it does is make them afraid of you. the secret is to teach them using a language they understand. I.e negative / positive behavior.

I have written a page about this process here


When he bites you quickly and silently move away from him and go into another room. Do this every time and he should learn that he gets this negative reaction when he bites.

When he begs for food. Quickly and silently pick him up and put him in another room. Again he will learn that when he does this, he gets shut away in another room.

Best wishes Kate


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