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QUESTION: My 7months stray cat doesn't piss on his litter box, only shit from a months ago. It seems that he have trouble to piss in his litter box but not crapping. I place a bbq net in his litter box so he won't stain on his paw. He will now piss on my new blanket & basket of cloths. Why is it so? What can i do?

i was wondering what the wire mesh was in his litter box. It can't be very nice for him to go in there and would be uncomfortable on his paws.

Cat litter is a better option for several reason.

1 it is more like earth which would be the natural place for a cat to go. they can scrabble it up and bury there waste which is a natural instinct.

2. Some litters have a special scent which encourages the cat to use it.

3. it has odour controls so that your home does not smell.

i really think that trying a litter and getting rid of the wire mesh would help your cat feel more comfortable using the tray.

Please see these pages on my site for some ideas about the different types of litter available.

best wishes Kate

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Thanks for replying. I use proper cat litter box with litter in the past but i cant stand that it still stain his paws. After he's done, he will stain my whole bedroom. That's why i change the litter into wire mesh.
So using the proper litter box is the only way out?  

it shouldn't stain his paws. My cats use a litter box and they are fine with it.

perhaps try a different type of litter than you used before, this may stop the problem of staining. My link page i gave you has various types ie clay, wood chip, paper etc.

best wishes Kate


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