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Cats/cat pooing in the house and on my pillow


Hi Kate,

I just read your article about cat middening. My cat is about 13 years old. She has lived at my husband's house for 3 years but always hid until we had to put our other cat down for sickness. She now comes out and is much more active although still scared. The house is noisy with wood floors and a dog. We boarded her once and were told to leave her at home because she did not do well. We were away last week and had someone come in and check on her each day. By the time we got home, she had pooped on our bed and my husband's pillow. She still does not really like him.

I am four months pregnant and am wondering if she knows that something is happening. Last night she was sleeping with me and suddenly she left, came back, pooped next to my pillow and on the end table and went running off. I don't know what to do except to keep her out of the bedroom. I saw in your article that she should be caged for a week with litter box, water and toys and taken out for food. Do you think that I should do this? I don't think that she is sick but then I saw someone's article about Cognitive something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


yes it sounds like your poor kitty is sensing change is in the air. And as you now know her middening is just her way to make her feel happier in the home.

yes i would try the litter training process. She should not be caged but kept in one room for up to a week with her litter box, toys, fresh water etc. this will help her to become less anxious in a smaller area. She will need to be fed in her usual place and she should receive lots of attention from you all while she is in her room.

As for your husband he may like to look at my page about bonding with a cat. You never know it may help in this case.


Don't worry, i don't think your cat is sick only anxious. be patient and understanding and hopefully she will be able to relax.

best wishes Kate


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