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I have recently 2 months ago acquired a stray cat,I call her atti, because she has an attitude. If you move her or pick her up and she doesn't want to, she growls...but so far doesn't bite.I have taken her to my vet and had her spayed.. I already have 2 other cats, one in the house and the other stays ourside and will not come in.Any way, I have gotten Atti all of her shots,spayed and she's been wormed because I told my vet she was eating so fast and so much she was throwing up...I have since brought her in the house and have given her time to show her she is not going to have to go hungry,the food is there.. and she has calmed down, but about every other day , she will have a mess..I have talked to my sister which has 4 cats and she says to give her the hairball plus in the tube from wal-mart.. I have and she does love it but she still continues to throw up about every 2 to 3 days...I don't know if I should consult with my vet, because she is ruining my carpet..I have not yelled at her because I know she was mistreated when she came to me and she is missing her one large fang I know she's had it pretty rough...I want to keep her in the house..but my friend I live with didn't want her and I'm having to sneak around and clean everything...Please if you can give me any information that would help her so I can keep her in the house...Thankyou

well it could be due to anxiety due to her recent past as you suggest My old cat used to vomit her food p almost every day because she would eat too fast. To stop this I fed her smaller amounts of food but more often throughout the day so that she was getting enough but not too much at one time which could cause her throw up.

Try this for awhile to see if this helps, if not then I would definitely take her back to the vets in case their is some underlining illness causing the problem.

best wishes Kate


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