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my mom let my 2 cats outside in october and they never came back.
aside from the fact I'm still extremely bitter and angry about this..

she adopted a new cat because some woman brought it and said it was one of the cats I had been missing. the cat the woman brought was a pregnant female.
now, I had another cat before hand. I had 3, and 2 are gone. the cat I have now is a girl named meatloaf.
this new cat is a royal btch and terrorizes my cat. meatloaf has been locked in my room since the beginning of november because the new cat attacks her and chases her.

mom has moved every toy including the 6 ft cat tree into my room. meatloaf cannot leave this room.
the new cat comes into my room and chases meatloaf, corners her, fights with her.

it is not fair to me or to meatloaf. mom won't take this cat to shelter or anything. she says it is cruel.
it is CRUEL to have the original cat locked up in my bedroom because this btch of a cat won't leave her alone!!!

I hate this cat and it isn't fair!

what do I do???

well there is no such thing as an evil cat only a frightened cat. Often cat aggression is due to fear or for territory reasons.

Now if your mum intends on keeping both cats then it is vital to make sure that both cats are neutered / spayed and vaccinated. These are the bare minimum requirements.

After a period of time this will reduce a lot of the aggression in the new cat. Then it is advisable to give your cats a period of time where they are introduced to each other slowly and in a safe environment. there is a special process for this, it does take some time but is worth it in the end.

Please read this page completely to get a full understanding of the process.


I really hope your mother can understand your upset. The secret is to remain calm and reasonable when talking to her about this issue.

best wishes Kate


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