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I have 3 cats, 2 females and one male.  A few months ago my boyfriend moved in with me, and my male cat doesn't seem to get along with him.  The 2 females are fine (one is a kitten and could care less what's going on, the other loves my boyfriend to death).  My male cat, on the other hand, hisses and spits at my boyfriend when he tries to pet him.  I have a few ideas about why this is (like my boyfriends tone of voice and body language toward the cat as a result of his hissing and spitting) but i want to make sure and get more clear answers.

My male cat is pretty attached to me.  He tends to hiss or swat at people that try to pet him that he doesn't know, but he's not "mean".  He won't attack or anything, and generally seems pretty gregarious (doesn't hide from people, will walk up to them to smell them, rub up on them, etc).  I would just like to know what i can do to get him and my boyfriend to "get along" better.



yes i think your right the hissing is caused by fear and this is probabaly due to your boyfriends appraoch and body language. cats are extremely sensitive about this.

what your boy fried needs to do is to llow this cat to come to him when and if he wants to in his own time and way.

I have a web page about how to bond with a cat which has some tips on how to approach a cat etc.

here is the page


best wishes Kate


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