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hi, my 12 year old ginger/white short hair has a bit of a weepy eye; there is often 'dark dry gunk' down his nose from the corner of his eye. i use a tissue dampened with warm water to remove it and as i do a kind of clear thick jelly like mucus comes out from under the lower eyelid which i remove with gentle wiping. Alfie (my cat) seems fine with me doing this and doesn't seem irritated by this weepage, his eyes are clear and bright and he doesn't seem to be 'under the weather' at all.

often old age causes eyes to weep and if this is the case often the vet will not recommend any treatment just to keep it clean with a moist tissue which you are doing.

However there are some eye conditions which can also cause this and I would always recommend getting it properly looked at by a vet first to have a proper diagnosis made.

i have a web page about cat eye problems which you may find of further help


best wishes Kate


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